State cdu warns of terrorist threat

State cdu warns of terrorist threat

Bernd Althusmann, CDU state chairman and top candidate for the next state elections, refrained from a general attack on the red-green state government and its Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD). Instead, he offered the government cooperation in parliament – for more security.

But on the matter, the former education minister was unequivocal. "This is not the way to do it," Althusmann commented on the work of Lower Saxony's security authorities in combating Islamist terrorism in the state.

"7-point immediate program against terror and Islamism" was the concept Althusmann presented at CDU headquarters. Some points, such as more personnel for police, interception protection and the judiciary, are among the perennial ies in the debate. And those 3,000 more police officers in the law enforcement service that Althusmann is now calling for are not to come "immediately" at all, but stretched out until 2022. 22,000 instead of 19,000 would be the figure, according to Althusmann. "The strengthening called for is the right way to go," however, the police union praised in a statement.

Althusmann also called for a much closer exchange of authorities. In the "Safia case," for example, there had been considerable omissions. The student had stabbed a federal police officer in Hanover's main train station. Among other things, chats on the student's cell phone had not previously been fully evaluated. The case had led to an investigative committee in the state parliament. The Special Operations Command (SEK) in Lower Saxony is to be strengthened and able to reach any location in the state in an hour or less "by air". The CDU wants to set up "competence and coordination centers" at the State Criminal Police Office. They are to record terror alerts and prevent attacks. To this end, 10 Islamic scholars are to come. "Dangerous persons" should be monitored with ankle bracelets as well as be able to be placed in preventive custody for up to two years by judge's order. Security authorities should be able to monitor social networks "in line with the threat", transit centers for asylum seekers should be set up, underage refugees should have to prove their age.

Althusmann himself spoke of "thick boards" that need to be drilled – some proposals cannot be implemented without changing federal law. Nothing works without a majority in the state parliament. And the SPD and the Greens are putting. And while there should be some overlap with the SPD, the Greens are having a harder time with security so far. "I see hope among the Greens," said Althusmann. "This is old wine in new Lower Saxony CDU hoses," commented the Green Party state chairwoman Meta Janssen-Kucz on the CDU concept. In part, it is also about federal policy, he said. Althusmann, however, summed up his impression as follows: "In my view, the red-green state government has all too often opted for a misconceived tolerance in the balancing act between tolerance and safety," said the leading candidate. The vote is to be held in January 2018.

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