Reader perplexed: “yes, where do you run??”

Reader perplexed: 'yes, where do you run??'

Our reader Gerhard Falk asks in our portal "Alarm 38":

When the Broitzemer/Goslarsche Strasse intersection was reconstructed, the width of the sidewalk was drastically reduced. For many residents with walkers, it is almost impossible to pass through the building. Is this a mistake in planning?

The answer researched Henning Noske

The Broitzemer Strabe/Juliusstrabe/Goslarsche Strabe intersection has been and will be thoroughly renovated. More quality of stay is to be created there: Sandstone-colored paving stones and a reduction of the road surfaces are to provide for it. But do pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users still get through properly now?

We have looked at that and see: The right orientation is still missing. Some paths lead astray, can even become a tripping hazard. The dead-end area of Broitzemer Strabe to Madamenweg (see graphic) is obviously not "finished" yet.

That's right, explains city spokesman Rainer Keunecke in response to an inquiry from the editorial team: "The reconstruction has not yet been completed in this area, but rather the first construction phase."

Yes, and what about the bottleneck in the photo above left? Should one go there approximately? "It's true, as a sidewalk, the paved strip 70 centimeters wide between the parking lots and the properties would be much too narrow," said the city spokesman.

After the street is reconstructed, there would no longer be a sidewalk on that side of the street, he said. The narrow strip would then be "part of the parking spaces as a so-called overhang strip" and prevent parked cars driving up to the curb from damaging the adjacent fence.

And this is how the expansion is also planned for the further course of the road. When, however, has not yet been definitively determined.

"Yes, where do you walk?", our reader thus asks with some justification. The city's response: "In the future, the sidewalk will be located exclusively on the other side of the street, since that side is built on and there are building entrances there."After the final expansion of the street, half-side parking on the sidewalk should also be eliminated. And the sidewalk will then be usable in its full width.

At the moment, however, this is not yet helping, as we can see on the spot. People have to swerve onto the roadway, but don't feel safe there, as residents report. But there should be a remedy. Keunecke: "For the transition period, a safe crossing option to the other side of the street will be installed in the next few weeks – also for citizens with limited mobility."By the way, the entire planning was publicly discussed and voted on by the city district council as part of citizen participation in the "Socially Integrative City".

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