One in seven die before reaching retirement age

Everyone Seventh in Germany last year before reaching the statutory retirement age died. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior in response to a question from the Left Party in the Bundestag, 14.4 percent of all those who died in 2019 were under 65. This was about 136.000 people. The response of the federal government is available to our editorial team.

If the statutory retirement age were already 67 today, the proportion of those who die before retirement would be as high as 17.0 percent, or one-sixth. A total of about 159 died in 2019.000 people under 67. The ministry refers to figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

The Left Party's social expert Sabine Zimmermann criticized that "the higher the retirement age, the fewer people ever get to enjoy their pensions," which is why "the standard age limit must be lowered again to 65".

Home Office: one in seven die before state pension age

Another answer from the Ministry of the Interior to a question from Zimmermann shows that, despite increasing life expectancy, the average expectation of years without health restrictions has fallen for the future generation.

This is especially true for girls. If born in 2018, they will have a life expectancy of 83.4 years, two months longer than the 2015 cohort. However, the prospects of the 2015 birth cohort are statistically better to spend more time in good health. If girls were born in 2015, they can statistically expect to live until 67.7 without health restrictions, according to the data. For the 2019 cohort, on the other hand, it is only 66.3 years.

Such a discrepancy also exists among boys, although it is less pronounced there. Between the 2015 and 2018 birth cohorts, life expectancy increased from 78.3 to 78.6 years, while the prospect of healthy years of life statistically decreased from 65.3 to 65.1 years.

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