Merkel warns of viral mutation: 'it's going to be tough until easter'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) expects major hardships due to corona pandemic by April in light of coronavirus mutation. "It remains hard until Easter," Merkel told members of the Interior Working Group of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in Berlin, according to AFP information Tuesday.

"Germany is facing eight to ten very tough weeks," Merkel added, according to the meeting. Corresponding statements were also confirmed to the ARD capital studio.

In parliamentary group circles, it was explicitly pointed out that Merkel was not from a Extension of the current lockdown until Easter had spoken. Easter falls on the first weekend of April this year.

Extension of measures depends on virus variant

Several sources, however, contradicted a "Bild" report that Merkel had announced at the meeting another eight to ten weeks of tough Corona measures. It had been agreed in the meeting that this would depend very much on how quickly the new Virus variant spread in Germany, was said according to participants. An extension of the lockdown was thus apparently not ruled out."

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