Luca app gets a major makeover – and a new name

Luca app to curb Corona pandemic is set to get better. At least that's what the developers have set out to do, and a "comprehensive update" promised: In the future, the doctors of the health offices are to warn of an infection event via the app in different gradations, announced on Thursday Patrick Hennig announced the managing director of Culture4Life GmbH.

Currently, app users only receive a general alert when a health department accesses a person's Luca data. The application is also getting a new name, albeit only slightly modified: In the future, it will be known as "Luca+" be available in the app stores.

Luca app: comprehensive update with new features

According to executive director Hennig, the new version is already being used with Health offices in Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Augsburg and North Friesland. Health departments would be supported by differentiated Warnings and benefit from higher data quality.

To this end, Luca will also provide additional information about the venue, he said. In the future, to improve assessments in terms of potential risk of infection, details such as the Ventilation, Size, walking routes, room layout captured. "This helps health departments assess potential risks better, easier and faster."

The Luca app Wants to replace the paper trail that comes with analog capture of visits to restaurants, exhibitions and other events. The application has been criticized for months by privacy activists and quite a few security researchers. Among other things, they are bothered by the central data storage and consider the app ineffective. Luca skeptics also include individual representatives of health offices, for example in Berlin-Neukolln.

Corona vaccination status can be checked at check-in

CEO Hennig emphasized that in the future, the system will also be able to automatically detect locations with a possible increased incidence of infection if, for example, two possible Infection cases Be detected in one location or more. The system would then be able to inform users accordingly.

There will be a dedicated app for restaurant operators and event organizers, he said, adding a mobile component to the existing "Luca Locations Management Tool". This would make it possible, for example, to purchase directly from the Check-in check the vaccination status and recovery status of guests or test result certificates. The app also allows hosts to check out entire tables, increasing the quality of data.

Criticism over data protection weaknesses

In recent weeks and months, however, the creators have had to repeatedly close vulnerabilities in the app that data privacyists and activists of the Chaos Computer Clubs had discovered. Some data protectionists, such as Berlin's data protection commissioner Maja Smoltczyk, take ie with the concept of centrally storing the data collected.

The app's manufacturers point to effective protection through encryption technology. The Luca app comes in 13 federal states for use. Only Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia do not have a contract with the Luca manufacturer.

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