Lena meyer-landrut: new album cover ripped off?

Plagiarism allegations there are in the music scene again and again, mostly it concerns presumed abgekupferte melodies – rarer Cover. But this is exactly what singer Lena Meyer-Landrut now confronted. After being quiet for a long time, Lena recently got back in touch on Instagram. In the run-up to her new album, the songwriter also released the cover of her EP "Child.

On it to see the 30-year-old artist, besides blossoms. The Brazilian indie musician, who lives in Germany, is offended by that Dillon. "You should be so damn ashamed of yourself for stealing from a female, commercially less successful artist! Your behavior is just another perfect example of the abuse of power by an individual driven by greed for money. Shame on you!", She writes on Instagram.

Lena Meyer-Landruth: singer Dillon beats out phone call

Dillon had an album in 2017 also titled "Child" Published. In her opinion, the cover resembles each other so much that it is plagiarism. Lena Meyer-Landrut sees herself wrongly accused. She wrote the apparently angry colleague a private message and offered to talk on the phone. But Dillon turned down the offer.

The German singer's lawyer also commented on the allegations. "How to get on Instagram Lena Meyer-Landrut tried to discuss the allegations made by the singer Dillon with her personally during a telephone call. Unfortunately, Dillon turned it down." And further: "The singer's accusation that Lena stole the title, artwork and photos from her album 'Kind' is unfounded in every respect."

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