Gntm: tears flowed at the nude shoot with horse

In the past it was the nude photos that made the models cry, today it's the horses. In the third episode of "Germany's next Topmodel" with Heidi Klum the 25 female candidates will have to drop their coats and walk on water. But more on that later.

It starts with a catwalk training with the boss herself: "I think one or the other still needs it," says Heidi Klum. The "Meeedchen" should put on shoes in which they have trouble walking. It's understandable that you can't practice photo shoots with XXL dresses, giant spiders or action shots. But shouldn't one think that the candidates at the 15. Season GNTM could already get the idea to practice walking in high shoes before their participation? Apparently not.

GNTM: Julia P. should stomp more in them, Maribel walks too tomboyishly

Lucy is something of a major construction site when it comes to elegant striding. "Lucy really has no feeling at all yet to walk on high shoes. Actually like many of the girls. But with her it's really extreme," sighs Heidi. She even takes her hand to give her a feeling of the right stride size – even that is of little use, as can be seen later during the decision walk.

Julia P. should stomp more while running, Saskia runs too shy, Maribel too tomboyish and Malin fails as soon as Heidi stands in front of her. And even diva Tamara, who proclaims beforehand: "I can simply do it. I can walk in high heels," fails across the board. Heidi's conclusion after the girls' walks: Practice, practice, practice! Also nothing new.

Heidi Klum: No fear of nude shooting

Finally, the model mom has an info for the 25 ladies: "The outfit for tomorrow is in my hand," she announces the photo shoot. And there is nothing in it but a nude colored slip. She gives it to the only minor, Julia P.. For the rest it is: "As God created you."

Who now expected fearful faces, will be disappointed. Instead, the candidates announce how much they are looking forward to such a shoot. "Then I can put my body in the best scene," says Tamara. The fully tattooed Mareike is also self-confident: "I love my body the way it is."

Also Transgender model Lucy faces the task optimistically: "You might think with me that I would have my problems at the nude shoot, because I have my problems right in my intimate area and that has to be exposed directly. But I do not have the fear in general." Only Curvy model Johanna is uncertain. She would like to cover her problem zones.

GNTM candids naked, with horses on the beach – Tamara is horrified

After Rankin, Vicky Lawton is the photographer this time. "The biggest challenge is that the girls are naked. They also still have to interact with horses," explains the award-winning photographer. Naked on horses on the beach? Tamara finds it "disgusting", Nadine or better Simi Shine 2.0 is afraid.

But let's be honest: Naked on a horse. And then 25 models in a row. There are more hygienic things.

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In the end, the shooting goes without dramatic failures. The very first candidate, Alina, lies down on the horse and forms an enviable S-curve with her body. Pirate bride Malin (The 21-year-old married her 39-year-old partner at a pirate wedding) and Saskia stand out as the weakest models.

Mirabel seems rather stiff, which – as she later explains – is probably related to her past. Her family died in a traffic accident. The horses were what bonded Mirabel, her sister and her mother together. The death of the relatives negotiates Pro Sieben so simply times between the shootings.

For these two candidates Heidi Klum has no photo

Continuing in the model boot camp is a "water walk". This time, the guest judge, Model, gives her all, Joan Smalls the candidates a few last tips. For Lucy, Malin, Tamara and Valeria there is even a short training again.

With a kiss Mareike and Anastasia open the catwalk. Elegant, but too slow, say the two jurors, and they come up with the idea of trying out for themselves how to walk on such a watered catwalk. After all, neither of them has had to do anything like this before, they confess. How was that? The show was supposed to be a preparation for the model everyday life, wasn't it?? However.

For two of the candidates, this Thursday evening is definitely out: Malin and Saskia.

In the first episode, a candidate threw down directly. In the second episode, Heidi Klum cleared up baby rumors. The GNTM jury changes more often than Heidi Klum changes her partners: Who all has already sat on the jury. Every year GNTM offers excitement: these were the biggest scandals and most legendary participants. Read here what makes GNTM 2020 special. Heidi Klum has over 7 million Instagram followers. Now her 15-year-old daughter Leni also has an account.

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