Gifhorns castle market in the advent lives

Gifhorns castle market in the advent lives

Castle market in the Advent. The message 2021 is not how he ran. But that he after the corona-conditioned Forced break 2020 again in full Splendor took place – in any case outside. Hundreds of Gifhorners took advantage of the promising Variety in the pandemic winter gray for an indulgent excursion into the Advent light.

The Attraction of the elaborately prepared market with 32 exhibitors was unbroken. As darkness fell, fewer and fewer people were able to resist the allure of the festive The event was a great success and the courtyard filled up noticeably.

Strict entry controls for a good feeling

Estimated one Fifth the usual until 2019 Crowds of visitors dared to enter the castle – or was allowed to, depending on how you look at it. For it was valid 2G, and this rule was strictly executed at the gate by the security service. The vaccination certificate was not enough, the identity card also had to be presented. For that, things could be all the more relaxed at the market, although the mask was also prescribed in the fresh air.

Space enough to enjoy music and delicacies relaxed

no problem, Andreas Fricke from the district administrator's office summed up: "Everyone was relaxed." There was also Square enough that too many people didn't gather, not even in front of the stage tent where music groups were singing Christmas carols.

There spoke also District Administrator Tobias Heilmann at the opening. He thanked to all those involved, who were rewarded with a good portion of the proceeds Idealism the great weekend would have made possible, an unforgettable event with the best possible security. Heilmann expressed what the visitors felt: "It's worth coming here for all the arts and crafts and the Specialties."

Eggnog and lard sandwiches were served by the Rotary Women Inner Wheel, and deer chili by the castle restaurant. A beekeeper offered honey and beeswax candles, Unicef was back with greeting cards, and the association Helfen vor Ort (Helping on Site), to which the total proceeds were donated for the good cause flows in, mistletoe sold. But what mattered most: The castle market lives.

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