Constitutional court rejects emergency appeal against electoral law reform

The federal election on 26. September can be held under the new electoral law adopted by the Union and SPD. The Federal Constitutional Court rejected a Emergency motion From, with which the FDP, Green and Left deputies wanted to overturn the amendments with immediate effect.

As the court stated in Karlsruhe announced on Friday, it wants to examine the reform closely in the main proceedings, however, the judges see possibly problematic points.

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Bundestag: Parliament has become too big

Basically, there is agreement that the Bundestag, which has now grown to 709 seats Bundestag must become smaller again. A large parliament not only costs the taxpayer more money, it is also less able to work. But about the right way there has been arguing for years. A compromise solution that all parties wanted to support had not been reached in two election periods. Read more: Bundestag with around 1000 deputies – This is how it would be possible

Electoral law reform: major change not planned until 2025

In October 2020 had Union and SPD Finally, the CDU single-handedly passed an electoral law amendment that many experts also consider inadequate. Because with the current 299 constituencies it should remain for the time being. A major reform is not planned until the 2025 election. A commission is to make proposals for this by mid-2023.

FDP, Left and Greens had jointly submitted an alternative draft, which provided only 250 constituencies, but could not prevail with it. They have now also joined forces to bring down the black-red reform in Karlsruhe, and filed an application for an abstract review of norms. The main procedure, in which the Verfangsrichter Law fundamentally examine, still runs. Decided only on the urgent motion.

The court's decision was also influenced by the fact that, in its estimation, the reform will not bring about too many changes.

Bundestag: target size set at 598 seats

To the Votes cast of citizens has had a major impact on the Karlsruhe proceedings and the now published emergency decision of 20. July no immediate impact. At ie are the rules by which votes cast are converted into mandates.

Under new rules, a party's overhang mandates are partially offset against its list mandates. Up to three overhang mandates will not be compensated by balancing mandates if the Bundestag exceeds its target size. This is set at 598 seats.

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