Coca-cola to test paper bottles starting this summer

For many, Coke from the glass bottle simply tastes best. But while there has been debate in the past about whether the drink should be canned, glass or plastic, a new container is now being planned that has nothing in common with the three: Coca-Cola Europe wants a Bottle made of paper test.

With the testing of a paper bottle prototype in Europe, the company wants to get closer to its "global vision" of achieving a "world without waste," according to the Coca-Cola press release. The paper bottle is said to have been developed as part of a partnership between The Paper Bottle Company (Paboco) and scientists at the Coca-Cola research and development labs created in Brussels.

New Coca-Cola bottles: Container is made of paper – and plastic

In the case of Paboco The technology developed by the company is used to produce bottles from sustainable wood with a special coating made from "biobased material," which in principle is 100 percent recyclable, as explained in the press release. Liner and lid of current prototype are made of plastic, he said. However, the goal is to develop a bottle that can be completely recycled like paper.

A market test with the special bottles will be conducted in the second quarter of this year – using the plant-based Coca-Cola beverage "AdeZ", which will then be offered in paper bottles in Hungary. The company wants to find out how the prototype is received by consumers.

"This study will provide us with crucial insights and learnings," Stijn Franssen, RD Packaging Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola Europe, is quoted as saying in the press release. "For us, this is an exciting step forward when we leave laboratory conditions with the bottle and experience it in a real market environment. For the first time, consumers of one of our products will actually be made of a potentially new kind of Paper packaging drink."

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