Wistful farewell to st. Vincent

Farewell is in the air, melancholy and sadness. Julia Tolle (37), nurse, speaks for all: "Now it's finally over, we have to say goodbye." Yes, as in the cemetery be the mood.

On Saturday evening, around 100 employees bid farewell to the place and the building that had once been half their lives: the St. Vincent Hospital, which closed at the end of the year. Vincent Hospital. There's nothing to be happy about, and a certain gallows humor doesn't help either.

Black balloons with personal wishes now rise into the night sky over Braunschweig. They are all looking for a new professional future. For the highly qualified nursing staff of St. The chances are very good for St. Vincent, because there is a nursing shortage.

The first are already to the 1. February, others in May or July against world champions. In clinics in the region, but also in the municipal clinic in Salzdahlumer Strabe, for example.

But there are also the forces in technology, kitchen, housekeeping, laboratories. It's getting harder for them. Most recently, the St. Vincent 180 employees. Most of them will continue to receive treatment until 30. June their basic references.

A Christmas party, they had refused. "How can you celebrate Christmas?", says Julia Tolle. Touching and depressing it becomes. One goes apart. That was it. Huge interest in what will become of the house. And a regulars' table is to be set up. So that you can see each other again.

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