Storm is coming – braunschweig fire department prepared for anything

Storm is coming - braunschweig fire department prepared for anything

Storm "Sabine" is approaching: The Braunschweig Fire Department is prepared for everything. According to information from our newspaper, the forces are prepared both in terms of personnel and technical precautions for major incidents of damage and corresponding operations.

All news to hurricane "Sabine" in the Newsblog

At present, however – as of Sunday 12.30 o'clock – it is still largely quiet, the situation is still being observed, but the necessary command structures and operational scenarios have already been set up. The necessary additional personnel is as well as operational readiness of the volunteer fire departments of the city already alarmed or coordinated. However: The tent at the winter art time on the Kohlmarkt is dismantled as a precaution around 13 o'clock.

As of Sunday noon, the Braunschweig operations control center in the Feuerwehrstrabe ames that the next stage could be entered between 4 and 6 p.m. and that "more energetic action" will be required. Then one will know more, it was said, also about the actual course of storm "Sabine" in the region.

It became clear that two additional control centers would be set up in Braunschweig to relieve the central operations control center – one in the east of the city in Querum, one for the south in the disaster control center in Eisenbutteler Strabe. These two additional control centers are already technically operational.

Throughout Germany, "Sabine" is expected to leave its mark. Among other things, the railroads reacted, ferries did not run, a Bundesliga match was canceled.

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