Savings proposal on the meesche was controversial

Savings proposal on the meesche was controversial

Twice the topic new building of the sports facility Meesche stood on the agenda of the recent council meeting. On the one hand, the Council had to take note of enormous additional expenditures, and on the other hand, it had to decide on a savings proposal from the administration on 15.000 euros decide. The 15.000 could be saved if the red coloring of the asphalt path at the Meesche sports facility were dispensed with, according to the savings proposal from the construction administration.

This proposal criticized Green councillor Stefan Brix for aesthetic reasons: "This would save 0.18 percent of the total costs." He received support from Rudolf Ordon (FDP): With a construction for the next 30 years, it comes down to these 15.000 euro also no longer to." The FDP councillor also said: "Money could have been saved on the larger movement area." Birgit Oppermann (CDU) said: "It is irrelevant whether the path is red or black. It is not insignificant, however, 15.000 euros in savings." Her faction colleague Winfried Pink also reported that a dyed asphalt in Ahlum would have lasted only two years. With nine votes against and one abstention, the council agrees to the savings proposal.

However, this saving is only a drop in the bucket, because the costs for the redesign of the Meesche rise again to now a total of 13.58 million euros, including the work still to be done for the construction of a new bridge to the Meesche and a parking lot at the tangent next to the Meesche. The Council now learned of two overbudgeted expenditures that it had to take note of. The construction of the functional building with changing rooms and exercise room, which is to be ready for occupancy in April 2020, will add 12 percent or exactly 462.000 euros more expensive and will now cost 4.11 million euros. The fiber optic connection for the building and the results of the tender have led to this cost increase.

The city also has to spend more money on outdoor facilities. 10.8 percent or 808.000 euros amount to the additional costs here. In total, the preparation of the outdoor facilities will cost 8.24 million euros. Alone 300.000 euros is the cost of disposing of contaminated soil from the Meesche, the administration was told. On the other hand, it is encouraging that the B pitch should be playable as early as September and that more environmentally friendly cork granulate will be used for the new artificial turf pitches at Meesche.

Klaus-Dieter Heid (AfD) asked the council whether these higher costs were really justified. He spoke of a situation of extortion by the companies that take advantage of the current economic situation and demand higher money, which the taxpayer must then raise.

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