Merkel: “must not wait until the danger becomes tangible”

The chancellor needs to talk: Just two days after the federal and state governments reached an agreement to extend the lockdown, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Thursday in Berlin again before the press. For more than an hour, she fielded questions on pandemic control, but also on other topics.

In doing so, Merkel explained how she sees the situation in the pandemic at the moment: Thus it is good that the Infection figures currently fall and the situation is easing somewhat. But there are still a frightening number of deaths, she says. "These are not simply numbers," said the chancellor, "these are people who died in loneliness."

Corona: Merkel warns against the mutant

Above all, Merkel emphasized the danger posed by the British virus mutant. This one is many times more contagious than the one spread last year, he said Variant – its spread must therefore be slowed down as much as possible. "In concrete terms, this means that we must not wait until the danger becomes more tangible, i.e. until it is reflected in the daily infection figures," said Merkel.

"By then it would be too late to prevent a third wave of the pandemic and, if necessary, an even more violent one than ever before."She added that there was still time to counteract the danger of the mutated virus The measures adopted by the federal and state governments on Tuesday are all about preventing the.

Merkel again ared that the vaccination campaign in Germany will be advanced as soon as possible. If everything goes as promised, it will be possible "to make every citizen an offer of vaccination by the end of the summer," she said. The official end of the summer was given as the 21. September.

Merkel against special rights for vaccinated people

A discussion about special rights for Vaccinated Merkel rejects. So far, it is not clear whether vaccinated people could continue to infect others, Merkel said. "So long the question of privileges does not arise at all."

At the Relaxations The Chancellor stressed that schools and daycare centers were still the top priority among the measures currently in place. Who should be next is still open: "I would say, for practical reasons, you would then soon have to take on the hairdressers," Merkel said, "but that is now more anecdotal."

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