“Markus lanz”: lord mayors divide against soder

Much optimism, few resolutions – after the vaccination summit of federal and state governments, there was once again plenty of criticism. Moderator Markus Lanz Described the summit as a "feel-good moment". But apparently not everyone feels quite so good.

Above all the mayor of Tubingen Boris Palmer, who had to break off his model project because of the new federal emergency brake. Lanz discussed with his guests how things now stand for Tubingen and why Hamburg is pursuing the contrasting program.

Peter Tschentscher not to be put off by Lanz

"Have you counted how many times the word hope has actually come up in the last few months?", wanted moderator Markus Lanz From Hamburg's mayor Peter Tschentscher know. The SPD politician was unfazed by the start of the broadcast until the very end. He soberly summarized the results of the vaccination summit.

"We have one Vaccination summit had, in which we have not decided much at all. We have discussed a lot. important for once," Tschentscher said in the talk show. According to the mayor, the hope would lie much more on the vaccine deliveries and the lifting of the Prioritization in June. "The hope is that we can make faster progress," the politician said.

"Markus Lanz": Tschentscher and Palmer take a swipe at Soder

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder in particular would like to move forward particularly quickly. This is how the Vaccination sequence in Bavaria be relaxed as early as May. Peter Tschentscher cannot understand this.

"It is thereby no longer Vaccine there," Tschentscher emphasized. What happens in Munich stays in Munich – at least according to the SPD politician. "We have made good experiences not to do immediately what Mr. Soder does in Bavaria. We are, of course, doing what makes sense," said Tschentscher.

Also Boris Palmer sharply criticized the approach of the Prime Minister. "Mr. Soder probably thinks it's popular to tell everyone, 'You'll get vaccine,'" Tubingen mayor said.

"Lanz": Tubingen must cancel model project

Boris Palmer, however, criticized not only Soder's Corona policy, but above all the federal emergency brake. The entry into force of the emergency brake also meant the end for the Thuringian model project, which Palmer continued to defend on Tuesday evening. According to the Green politician, only a few days ago, the city led 5000 daily Corona tests By now, he said, there are only 500.

"I got a call from Chancellery got, there one said to me clearly, Mrs. Merkel finds the attempt contentwise good, but one has now a law in the Bundestag decided, and that's not where this trial fits in," Palmer said.

There was great disappointment about the premature termination. "We are all doing the same thing now. The question is: Is that good?", said Boris Palmer. According to the Green politician, surrounding cities showed a tighter despite stricter measures Infection situation.

Markus Lanz: Hamburg relies on a curfew

For Peter Tschentscher The model trial is not an option for other cities. "The concept that we can manage in Germany by testing more and thereby opening up retail is not a solution for me," Tschentscher accentuated.

The mayor of Hamburg, in contrast to Boris Palmer already since the beginning of March on curfews. And that also seems to work in the Hanseatic city. According to Tschentscher, the Incidence value continuously and will soon be below 100. Moderator Markus Lanz referred to the high price paid by the SPD politician.

"You have people fighting for their existence," said Lanz. "The prices of the too early openings are much higher," Tschentscher countered. The aim of the strategy is to avoid a yo-yo effect and to reduce the incidence rate in the long term.

Virologist on "Lanz": More solidarity for children

In addition to the rising Incidence values, the situation in schools is also becoming increasingly tense. Virologist Jana Schroeder spoke out in favor of a more intensive examination of the consequences of the School openings from. According to Schroeder, due to the B mutation variant, there are.117 a shift to younger ICU patients.

For example, it has been found in children and adolescents that the so-called PIM syndrome (Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome) occurs more often after a covid 19 disease. "Now I would like to see a certain solidarity among the children the number of children in the pandemic," emphasized the virologist. Although the death rate among children is significantly lower, the Long Covid phenomenon cannot be ignored.

"Low incidences are the strategy for success and nothing else. If this had been felt to be important, then one would have Lockdowns designed within the vacations," Schroeder reproached the policy. Schroeder says the work is long past the point of discussing openings and closings. Rather, they say, the Politics Deal with the safety of children and adolescents.

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