Dispute over braunschweig's sidonien bridge has been decided

Dispute over braunschweig's sidonien bridge has been decided

Politically, the matter has been discussed: With only one dissenting vote, Braunschweig's council has spoken out in favor of the renewal of the Sidonien Bridge. The only question now is whether the monument protection authority will disagree? Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth admittedly does not want a long wait. He announces the demolition of the Sidonia Bridge right on schedule.

The demolition of the bridge was unanimously approved by the council. The main point of contention was the question of how wide the entrance to the bridge should be? The fact that a new construction means that the steep gradient to the bridge will also be reduced by practically half did not seem controversial. Even if this means: There will be interventions in the Wallring, which is a protected monument. Because new ramps, which are less steep, are a clear safety gain. This helps all those who are poorly on foot and prevents unwanted shooting in front of cyclists. Brunswick's preservationists think the plan is justifiable.

Wallring-Forum protests

BIBS councillor Wolfgang Buchs does not want to accept this and represents the catchment area of the Wallring forum, which is opposed to new construction and reconstruction. A mere renovation of the bridge would be sufficient. Encroachment on the Wallring would have to be prevented. The upper monument protection authority in Hanover was switched on.

Sidonien Bridge fails test

Their preservationists were already in Braunschweig about 30 years ago, examined the Sidonien Bridge – and no longer considered it worthy of protection. Reason: The Sidonien Bridge was never planned as part of the Wallring. In addition: From the original building from 1905 only the railing was left. Because the wooden bridge had to be renovated several times in the meantime. The wooden planks, which are slippery when it rains, were given a non-slip concrete surface to serve as a footpath and carriageway.

On the fringes of the opening of the new BSVG bus depot, Mayor Markurth now made it clear that the city administration would implement the council's decision: "The higher monument protection authority is only active in an advisory capacity. Of course we will listen to the council. But the decision is not made in Hanover, but in Braunschweig."

The old railing is being stored

Markurth said that the renewed examination would not have a suspensive effect: "We will implement the schedule." It foresees the demolition of the bridge at the end of the year. Differently it behaves with the historical bridge railing. It is too low to meet today's safety requirements. It will not be used again on the new bridge. "We will, however, secure the old railing and reuse it on occasion in another location."

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