Deadly chase in braunschweig: drugs in the game

Deadly chase in braunschweig: drugs in the game

Several camera teams are waiting for the Trial begins. In room 125 of the Braunschweig Regional Court the seats are not enough for all listeners. After a car chase, last August at the Salzdahlumer Strasse with the Death Since the death of an uninvolved motorist ended in a tragic accident, public interest in the case is high Legal also Murder could act.

The now 38-year-old responsible for the accident with a dead and one seriously injured wants to know the tragic event for which he is held responsible, however, only from the witness accounts. At the first Process day the accused from Saxonia-Anhalt let explain over its defender to have no memory of its escape before the police. His behavior, he said, could only be explained by excessive consumption of the drug crystal meth explain. He is "infinitely sorry" for what happened.

Fatal accident in Braunschweig: defendant used crystal meth

On this day, he was on his way back to Magdeburg from a job interview in Hamburg. It had gone well, but afterwards he had felt very exhausted. In the car he had therefore the dose usual for him crystal meth consumed.

bags with the synthetic drug crystal meth (methamphetamine) stated the Police after his arrest also in his getaway car and together with a prohibited doping drug in his apartment safe. The drug has a stimulating and euphoric effect.

Because of his drug use, the defendant had previously had his driver's license revoked – which was also the reason why the two civilian patrol officers of the Highway patrol after a holder inquiry decided to control the driver of the dark BMW, which drove them in the early evening of 20. August 2019 on the A2 in height Brunswick harbor overtook.

The defendant fled from the police on the A2 motorway

"That was normal everyday business," says one of the two officers as a witness in court.

However, instead of driving them to the parking lot at Essehof to follow, the defendant accelerated again according to the indictment. The plainclothes patrol switched on blue lights and began the pursuit. "Shortly before the Wolfsburg/Konigslutter freeway intersection, however, we lost sight of him," reported one of the officers.

From police experience, they would have taken the first exit. And indeed: On the A 39 direction Brunswick they discovered the BMW at a highway construction site between Scheppau and Cremlingen on the left parallel lane – separated from them by the central crash barrier.

Why the Police officers did not change lanes at the end of the road works blocked and so the Escape would have ended?, the defense attorney asks. Two reasons spoke against it from the officers' point of view: The occupants of a car driving in front of the defendant could have been endangered by the action. On the other hand, they feared that the pursued could simply leave the car and escape on foot.

Police officer: "I thought: now it's over"

At the end of the construction site tried the Fleeing after the descriptions of the officers, the Police car and sped away. "He overtook riskily, even over the hard shoulder."In height Sickte the BMW had skidded, kicking up a huge cloud of dust. "I thought: now it's over," said one official. But he drove on.

The Civilian patrol had remained at a greater distance behind the BMW. "We had to be considerate of other road users." 500 to 700 meters distance had been between them. At least 240 kilometers per hour fast the accused must have driven.

They saw how the BMW Salzdahlumer Street took. They did not see that he crashed into two cars stopped at the traffic lights on the crest.

Causer is said to have been still fast up to 160 km/h at impact

Of a "picture of horror" speaks a police officer of the Traffic accident service. "Three cars were wedged into each other."

The accused must still have tried to brake. Investigators have 157 meter long skid mark measured. Nevertheless, one expert ames an impact speed of still 140 to 160 kilometers per hour from.

A 33-year-old Driver was killed immediately, another was seriously injured, as was the defendant. The parents of the Deceased step in the process as Secondary plaintiff at.

Police officers decide for themselves whether pursuit must be aborted

According to the assessment of one of the police officers in the Pursuit vehicle would not have prevented the fatal accident on Salzdahlumer Strabe even if the pursuit had been stopped. Because at this time there had been no more visual contact between the occupants of both vehicles. The police car had lagged behind the car of the defendant. "We did not drive like him."

In response to the question of the chairman Judge of the jury chamber he explained, basic police regulations on how to behave during pursuits there is not. The Police officers it is up to the individual situation to decide whether a pursuit is too dangerous and must be aborted.

The fatal outcome of this use is still close to him today. "You think about whether all of this was so right." But let it not be undone. "I will carry it around with me all my life."

Court also examines murder criteria

The Public prosecutor's office accuses the defendant, among other things negligent homicide and bodily injury before. The Jury court However, the city of Gifhorn also considers another legal assessment possible: there is sufficient suspicion of a conditional fire intention to kill. This also means that a conviction for manslaughter or murder under consideration.

Murder characteristics such as "concealment of a criminal act", "insidiousness" or killing by the use of a "means dangerous to the public" will now be examined by the court. Verdict expected in mid-March.

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