Corona vaccine damage: here's how those affected can get government help

Many have an uneasy feeling at the thought of vaccination. They worry that they themselves, their partner or their teenage child may be affected by the Vaccination against the covid-19 disease could suffer a damage. It concerns them around the health, not around the money – but financially they would have to come over the rounds in the case of the cases nevertheless. In the event of disability or death of the main breadwinner, the economic existence would be at stake.

The risks posed by a Corona vaccination hold experts for very small. If someone's health is damaged after all, they are entitled to state benefits. If there is a Vaccine damage If a person is affected by a vaccination, he or she can apply for benefits, including pensions, under the German Federal Benefits Act (BVG).

The pension office of the respective federal state decides whether a claim exists. The regulation made in the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) applies to the Corona vaccination as well as to other vaccinations, for example against influenza or the tick-borne early summer meningoencephalitis (FSME).

According to PEI, so far more than 106.800 suspected cases of Side effects and vaccination complications in temporal connection with a Corona vaccination have been reported (as of 30. June 2021). It must be taken into account that the PEI also registers suspected cases that are treated by a doctor and can subside within a few weeks.

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