Corona summit: this is how the press conference with merkel went

Angela Merkel, the acting chancellor of Germany, her designated successor Olaf Scholz, and the prime ministers of the German states met at a further Corona Summit tougher measures agreed.

For unvaccinated comes de facto the lockdown. The 2G rule is to apply nationwide in almost all areas of public life. But also for vaccinated people there will be new Restrictions give. Spectator numbers for large events are limited, clubs and discotheques are closed in many regions and on New Year's Eve there is again a firecracker prohibition.

"The Fourth wave must be broken," said Merkel on the Press conference following the deliberations. The hospitals are partly already at the load limit. Therefore, there now needs to be an "act of national solidarity". The resolutions show "that we have understood that the situation is very serious," said the Chancellor.

Press conference after Corona summit: Scholz invokes unity

Their designated successor Olaf Scholz once again called on the unvaccinated to become a vaccine to be administered against the coronavirus. "There are still too few vaccinated people to break the wave," said Scholz. "We do know what the situation is on the Intensive Care Units arises." There would now have to be many Unvaccinated struggling for their lives.

According to the resolution, the round has set itself the ambitious goal of vaccinating a total of 30 million vaccinations to administer. In return, pharmacists will soon be allowed to vaccinate as well. Scholz called the goal a major challenge.

Like the other participants in the press conference, Scholz was at pains to Unity between the federal and state governments during consultations. This unity, he said, should also prevail at future summits. "Party politics are taking a back seat and the health of the citizens is coming to the fore," Scholz said.

Corona summit: Merkel would vote for mandatory vaccination

North Rhine-Westphalia's prime minister and current MPK chairwoman also, Hendrik Wust (CDU), called once again urgently for vaccination. "Not just in the new year or after Christmas, but now," said Wust. The situation is dramatic, the Healthcare system since the 2. World War II no longer such a burden.

Berlin's governing mayor Michael Mueller (SPD) said that we have now reached a point where it is right that vaccinated people now have more opportunities than unvaccinated people. These are clearly in the minority, he said, "but now account for a large proportion of infections and severe cases." The vaccinated would have on the other hand "Responsible" behave.

According to the summit's resolution, the Bundestag will soon decide on a general vaccination requirement. Merkel spoke out in favor of its introduction. She would vote for it if she were still a member of the Bundestag at the time of the planned vote.

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