Corona crisis: this is how the need for therapy among children increases

No regular school day, hardly any meetings with friends, even the sports club is on lockdown: the fact that children and young people in particular are among the Consequences of the pandemic parents, pedagogues and pediatricians have been complaining for months of.

Pathological media consumption, obesity and eating disorders are on the rise. New data from the Barmer health insurance fund, which are available to our editorial team, now show that in the pandemic, the number of children in psychotherapeutic treatment has increased.

Psyche: More and more children need therapy

Among insured children, adolescents and young adults up to the age of 24, the number rose last year to Acute treatments, but also the number of applications for initial therapy and its extension by six percent compared to the previous year. This does not include those young patients who had already been diagnosed but had not yet found a therapist, or who were reluctant to visit a doctor's office because of their corona condition.

As the Barmer Physicians' Report shows, with the growing need for therapy The pandemic continues a development that has concerned experts for years: more and more children and adolescents are undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. Background: Corona pandemic intensifies constraints – what are signs?

Within eleven years, the number of young patients has increased more than doubled. According to the report, about 823 needed lockdowns nationwide in 2019.000 children and adolescents received psychotherapeutic help, 104 percent more than in 2009.

Prevention can protect those affected from problems

"Mental problems can have serious consequences for children and young people. That's why it's important to pay attention to their alarm signals," warns Kassen boss Christoph Straub. Timely help and prevention could do much to prevent mental problems from arising in the first place or leading to mental illness.

Since last week, strict Corona rules for daycare centers and elementary school classes have been relaxed in many states. However, the majority of older schoolchildren are still at home: pediatricians and adolescent doctors are therefore calling for a Immediate opening of schools – to prevent the physical and mental impairments of children and adolescents from worsening.

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