Cavallo against heyn: vw works council quarrel in wolfsburg spd

Cavallo against heyn: vw works council quarrel in wolfsburg spd

The largest Upset in Wolfsburgs political scene ran some weeks deeply under the radar the public off. But it is precisely these that SPD councillor Thomas Heyn is now deliberately looking for. VW employee Heyn, freshly elected to the city council in the fall, is running next March on the list of IG Metall rebel Frank Patta in the VW works council election. Heyn is like Patta himself a member of the IG Metall and also still deputy chairman of the Wolfsburg DGB city association. According to Heyn, this step caused him a lot of trouble. Now he says: I was put under massive prere by my party.

"It came to a fierce verbal confrontation"

Pikant is thereby: According to Heyn he clashed with his party colleague Francesco Cavallo in the local council of Reislingen-Neuhaus. He, in turn, is the husband of works council chairwoman Daniela Cavallo. In principle, the ie is whether an SPD politician may or should run for the works council on a list other than that of IG Metall. Heyn initially wanted to run for the metalworkers' council. But the works council rejected this. He then decided to run for Patta's "The Other List". He shared his criticism of the lack of transparency in the VW works council. He had also communicated this to the Wolfsburg SPD. That's when the trouble with his own party started for him, Heyn reports. "Two days before the local mayoral election of Reislingen-Neuhaus, I was then put under prere by Francesco Cavallo, there was a fierce verbal confrontation. He could not vote for me as a trade unionist", Hey describes the events from his point of view.

In the end, the CDU is pleased

Background: After the local elections, the mayor's post was up for reappointment in the local council. Heyn reckoned he had a good chance as the local council member with the most votes in the local elections. After all, the committee had been firmly in the hands of the Social Democrats for years. But then it came differently. On the day of the election, Cavallo proposed Heyn as the SPD candidate to succeed Hans-Jurgen Friedrich. But the election was won by CDU man Oliver Prietzel in a secret ballot. The SPD did not even win the deputy post. The went to Uwe Hacklander (PUG). Whether the internal SPD quarrel about Heyn played any role in the outcome of the election has to remain open. The SPD had 5 seats, the CDU 4, the PUG 2. The PUG probably saw the CDU as a more attractive partner, because Prietzel was elected with 6:5 votes.

Heyn: The prere comes from two sides

However. Heyn saw himself subsequently under prere from two sides. Not only the SPD had been a pain in the neck, but also the former colleagues from the circle of shop stewards of IG Metall at VW. "After that, I received numerous calls with subliminal threats, whereupon I turned off my phone for a few days. On Facebook, I was called a divider, a traitor and so on. Furthermore, I was removed as administrator from the Facebook group "Together for a better life," and two days later I was removed from the group altogether," Heyn says. In the meantime, the scenario for the works council election at VW has changed again. In addition to IG Metall, seven other lists will be in the running. This then also caused official comments from two Wolfsburg parties. The Left Party and also the SPD commented publicly and critically on the development this week, warning of a split and promoting Cavallo's IG Metall list. Bastian Zimmermann, a councillor for the Left Party, had even accused the opposition members of acting out of "injured masculinity," among other things. Mohrs and Glosemeyer wrote: "Works council chairwoman Daniela Cavallo and the IG Metall parliamentary group are doing an outstanding and important job in the interests of their colleagues. We consider it highly problematic that in this challenging situation, of all times, this work, which is important for all of us, is hampered by division and misinformation. As a trade unionist, solidarity is the order of the day, especially in difficult times. Daniela Cavallo has our fullest support in her commitment to the colleagues of VW."

"There is no need for a Mr. Zimmermann to accuse me of anything"

Latest at this moment Heyn burst the collar. "I've been involved in IG Metall as a trade unionist for around 30 years, mostly in the front line. I helped develop IG Metall in various functions, for example as a local branch leader. I have seen demos like the one for the 1. May co-organized, the Easter march after more than 20 years again brought to life and much more. I represent the values of IG Metall and the values of social democracy, so there is no need for Mr. Zimmermann to accuse me of being a divider or not a real trade unionist. He seems to question the right of opposition lists to run for office. Many can't distinguish between union work, works council work and party work. A union, a works council and even a party must be able to withstand opposition. In addition, all of us on Frank Patta's list are IG Metall members ourselves," Heyn told our newspaper. Even at VW, former colleagues from the shop stewards' circle continued to harass him. "I was denied access as a store steward to the works council and shop steward information session, I was removed from the digital information session in my works council area B2 by the management. These are also perfidious games against democracy," Heyn is annoyed. We asked the Wolfsburg SPD and IG Metall for a statement on the allegations. No reaction by the editorial deadline.

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