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It’s your choice, what are you waiting for? I tuned into some Chiddy and finally got off my ass and launched my journal.

That big mp3 player is a risky click right? The PLAY button is calling for you.. do you click it?


I know it’ll probably be loud, but I put the mp3 player anyway. So you end up clicking it -without checking your speaker volume. TOO LATE. The volume was set to loud and the first beat of the song blew away some frequency pitches you’ll never hear again. Sorry about that.

Anyways, hi everyone, my name is Chong and welcome to my journal. I’m a photographer based out of Chicago, primarily shooting weddings, lifestyle, & travel photos. I have a professional wedding site which you can find in the [Weddings] tab in the menu, but I wanted to share my images that I take on a daily basis outside of wedding work with the rest of the world. My psyche is overrun with photography, photography, photography and I talk to EVERYONE about it. I figured, for the sake of my own psyche (and for the politeness towards my friends..), to confide in an outlet that will allow me to organize and tame my creative juices.


I try to shoot everything, because I’m not good at anything yet. I shoot travel. I shoot cityscapes. I shoot urban portraits. I shoot lifestyle. I shoot weddings. I shoot mini fashion photoshoots with my girlfriend. You’ll see a mix of everything and I’ll try my best to be organized. But not really.


Be warned, not everything I post here will be art. I don’t think actually anything I produce yet is what I consider art. Well, there may be some art posted but it’ll be links to real artists’ work. But I’m hoping that through my journal, I can track how my photography progresses, develops, and grows (hopefully).

Welcome to my site -and admittingly my obsession, and join me on my journey to discover what this “light” is all about and why everyone is looking to capture it.



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